When will this mess from the pandemic be over? Focus on the idea that it will end, not what that date will be.

We will prevail. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

When will we be done with this stay-at-home restriction?

When will the economy recover?

When will we be back to “normal?”


I don’t know the dates for any of those transitions.

I have a suggestion for you.


Don’t set a specific date in your mind. Instead firmly set in your mind that this mess will end, we will get through it, we will survive, and we will thrive at the end.

What is the danger of setting a date in your mind and having faith it will be over on that date?

Let me introduce you to the Stockdale paradox.

Admiral James Stockdale was an American pilot shot down during the Vietnam war. He was a prisoner in North Vietnam for 7 1/2 years, routinely subject to brutal torture, legs broken twice during interrogation, and held in solitary confinement during four of those years with his legs locked in a metal stock each night. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor a few years after his release.

I think we should listen to him. His physical courage and moral courage are a role model for all of us.

For one explanation of the phenomenon he described check out article titled The Stockdale Paradox.


Who did not come home from captivity?

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Welcome to Ancient Finances!


This is my newest blog, which takes a look at tidbits of ancient finances. I am enjoying my personal study of Roman and Viking history. Have posted a lot of articles at my other blog, Attestation Update.  One of many lessons I’ve learned from blogging is that if you want to understand something well, try explaining it in print (well, in pixels, but you get my point).

Current focus will be on the Viking era and the times of the Roman Empire. Earlier posts are on the rampage of Alexander the Great and the destruction left in his wake.

Posts prior to this one are copied from my other blog. Posts after this will be new material.